Microsoft tells enterprises to be on Edge

The company has begun telling companies about a variety of corporate features that have been baked into the browser, which is built on underpinnings from Google's Chromium.

Australian supermarket giant partners with Microsoft for AI and cloud

Supermarket giant, Coles has inked a strategic deal with Microsoft as a part of its digital transformation strategy.

Colocation facilities buck the cloud-data-center trend

Lower prices and latency plus easy access to multiple cloud providers make colocation facilities an attractive option compared to building on-site data centers.

How payment cards are evolving into mini computers

Leading payment card companies roll out products with advanced features like user interactiveness and biometrics.

The rise and rise of robotic process automation

Because robots don’t require breaks, don’t get tired, don’t get distracted and work around the clock, a robot can significantly increase the amount of processed data, which can be good or bad, depending on the quality of that data

CIOs urged to push for ‘a willful intent strategy for disruption’

Most businesses deal with major technology developments by waiting - and learning - from early adopters.

In defence of middle management

While the value of middle managers is being closely scrutinised within many organisations, according to recruitment firm Hays they can be a businesses’ “biggest asset”.

City of Whittlesea opts for software defined network

The City of Whittlesea is counting on its new SD-WAN network to help it improve network performance, streamline operations and save money.

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How businesses are adapting to the disruption of artificial intelligence

The confluence of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and customer facing bots on powerful cloud platforms have brought in the smart age where artificial intelligence is amplifying human innovation across the board. 

Here's how an airline is using drones for aircraft inspections

​Air New Zealand is using drones to inspect difficult to reach parts of its aircraft during maintenance stops.

Visa says its AI prevents USD 25 Billion in fraud a year

​In 1993, Visa became the first payments network to apply neural networks to calculate, in real-time, the ‘riskiness’ of a transaction.