Poorly designed systems make doctors 'a slave to their EHR'

Problems with clunky electronic health record workflows – and the inability to share patient information between clinics – are driving some physicians right out of healthcare. But some facilities have figured out how to make things work more smoothly.

PayPal senior architect explains the payments giant's meteoric rise

PayPal has become one of the world's biggest online payments companies since it launched in 1998, exceeding $578 billion in payments across 9.9 billion transactions for over 267 million customer accounts by its 20th birthday, a meteoric rise that analytics has helped drive.

Experts: Enterprise IoT enters the mass-adoption phase

Dropping hardware prices, 5G boost business internet-of-things deployments; technical complexity encourages partnerships.

Lessons learned from an S/4HANA public cloud migration by Spirit Airlines

Budget US airline Spirit is in the process of moving from SAP's legacy ECC enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to S/4HANA public cloud but it has had to overcome some challenges on the way to what it says is a very different system for its users to get to grips with.

Lessons learned from a transformation: Bankwest

A couple of years ago, Bankwest was faced with a challenge that would make or break its business. The Perth-based organisation – which has 1.1 million customers, half of which reside on the East Coast of Australia – discovered that although the rate of customer interactions was rising exponentially, the amount of revenue earned from these was falling.

Japanese firm using AI to solve nation's sinkhole problem

​Every year more than 3000 sinkholes swallow up huge chunks of road and pavement across Japan.

Financial Times turns to graph technology to connect its vast array of data

In 2012, digital subscriptions at the Financial Times surpassed those of print for the first time. The transition to a digital-first approach that followed allowed the newspaper's IT team to provide readers with new videos, interactive graphics and podcasts, but their monolithic architecture was struggling to keep up.

Red Hat CTO Chris Wright: We're creating an autonomic platform

With the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift being packed with Kubernetes-friendly features, Red Hat is looking to create what its CTO Chris Wright calls the "autonomic computing platform".

Why big tech is uninterested in getting into open banking

US tech giants Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google - or FAANG as they are collectively known - have shown little appetite to jump into the UK's financial services market under new open banking rules, according to the Implementation Trustee for Open Banking, Imran Gulamhuseinwala.

Why wearables, health records and clinical trials need a blockchain injection

The future of healthcare could rely on the open transmission of patient data for any number of reasons – from treatment data to clinical trials – and one technology could serve as a secure conduit: blockchain.

FedEx CIO: It’s time to mandate blockchain for international shipping

With governments calling on manufacturers and shipping companies to more closely guard their chain of custody as parts and products move between borders, FedEx sees a single, standardized ledger as common sense.