Unlocking the Power of Mobility

In order to address the changing requirements of the mobile workforce, Symantec is leveraging a single integrated solution and addressing the five key areas of mobility.

Shubhra Rishi Feb 09th 2015 A-A+

What can you tell us about Symantec’s enterprise mobility offering?

The massive adoption of smart devices and an unrelenting BYOD trend is compelling enterprises to take up several mobility initiatives. Within these initiatives, there are certain use cases where enterprises control corporate-owned devices completely. While in others, enterprises may only want control of specific corporate apps and data but not the whole device. However, depending on different user cases and business objectives, an enterprise mobility solution, must address diverse use cases and ownership models, and help enterprises take full advantage of mobility without compromising on protection and management.

Five years ago, when enterprises were still warming up to managed services, organizations started providing a ready desktop or a laptop for the workforce. So, the end-point devices were pre-configured, including the operating system, end point security, as well as device management.

Organizations, today, constitute a workforce that's using a multitude of devices on a network which may or may not be controlled by IT. The company-owned devices may contain personal apps. These scenarios were rare a couple of years ago. Today, companies may require full control of the applications residing on a device. Therefore, Symantec’s application suite applies a security and policy management layer around mobile apps and content with the help of a unique application wrapping technology. As a result, it enables a clear separation of enterprise and personal data on the device. 

We are one of the few security players who are addressing the enterprise mobility space. If you look at the entire management suite today, it’s not just about mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM) anymore.

At Symantec, we have introduced a mobile management suite – a single solution consisting of five vectors namely MDM, MAM, content management, threat protection, and identity and access control.

How modular are these solutions?

Our solutions are modular in a way that allows customers to deploy MAM or threat protection on top of an existing third-party MDM solution, giving enterprises maximum protection and flexibility.  Our MDM offering includes support for a broader set of mobile platforms such as OS, Android, Windows Phone, and Samsung SAFE capabilities, to give IT the power to manage employee-owned devices.

How interoperable or integrable are these solutions with other MDM / networking / security products?

We want to make it easier for our customers to implement and deliver enterprise mobility offerings. With multi-tenancy capabilities and additional integration APIs, our partners can easily plug Mobility Suite into their infrastructure and streamline management of services.  Therefore, we spend some time to assess the situation, make sure that the user experience doesn’t get compromised, and are able to protect customer’s existing investments in mobility.

And, how does your partner ecosystem deliver that integration capability?

However, our preferred mode is to work directly with our customers. The idea is to deploy a team to access a situation on ground, and then decide the overall game plan. We also bring in partners depending upon the requirement. At the same time, we also need to bring in the MDM or MAM provider who deployed the management solution for a customer.