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4 Steps to Build an Effective SD WAN Blueprint

Here are some of the key steps needed to create a robust, actionable blueprint for SD-WAN implementation

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Hyper personalization at the workplace: Why context is king

The NLP engine behind chatbot technology is not a differentiator anymore, but more of a building block. The real feat lies in getting the context right. 

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Digital experiences through enterprise tech – A CIO agenda?

In the new world of work (#NewCodeofWork), ease of access – be it for work, tools or data would be the basic ask. As owners of digital agenda, CIOs’ responsibility is to deliver this. An open and connected world is the only way to do so. Are you ready to open up?

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Telstra investments to boost network leadership in Asia Pacific

Telstra announced at the PTC conference in Hawaii that it had entered into agreements to invest in two new international subsea cable systems that will connect Hong Kong and the west coast of the United States.

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Building the modern cloud contact centre

For many organisations, the last decade’s move away from mono-channel, voice only customer contact to an approach which embraces new channels such as online chat, email and even social media has posed some significant challenges.

Thankfully, cloud-based customer contact platforms are making these dilemmas a thing of the past.


The SD-WAN Waiting Game and the future of networking

Everyone is talking about SD-WAN, from customers and analysts, to Service Providers. But are customers doing more than talking and actually purchasing?

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The future of contact centres is in the cloud

Cloud-based contact centre solutions are streamlining operations across locations and empowering frontline staff to personalise customer service.

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Telstra deploys major upgrade to network services in Asia Pacific using Infinera technologies

Telstra and Infinera unveiled a major boost to Telstra’s network services for customers in Asia Pacific, with a significant increase in fibre capacity to its subsea infrastructure using Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine 4 (ICE4).

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Lessons from Singapore’s digital transformation success

Singapore topped the rankings in The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’s The Asian Digital Transformation Index 2018, a recent research paper commissioned by Telstra which measures the progress of Asian economies in developing digital infrastructure, skills and technology ecosystems. This is the second iteration of the research, with Singapore also topping the rankings in 2016.

Hyperconvergence breathes new life into desktop virtualization

Virtual desktop infrastructure (or VDI) has been an intriguing idea for a long time. We look at the pros and cons of VDI and whether the emergence of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) will finally make implementing virtual desktops feasible.

Artificial intelligence is the new oil: Rajeeb Hazra

AI is the transformer that takes data and generates insights at a rate and depth that wasn’t possible before, says Rajeeb Hazra, Corporate VP, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation.

Digital security and privacy: A must for organizations

Digital Security and privacy concerns are everyone’s challenge as technology touches every aspect of our lives today.