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Should Indian CIOs pay attention to mainframes?

Mainframes have been written off as old has-beens for a long time, but they are stubbornly alive. Indian CIOs are happy that they don’t have such legacy—but should they change that?

The iPhone 7 in the Indian enterprise

Apple has long targeted the enterprise with the iPad. Should it shift focus and make the iPhone the center of the enterprise?

Will buying help Walmart kill Amazon?

Old Money thinks that all you have to do is buy an ecommerce company to challenge the king of the hill. Sadly, this is not how things work on the Web.

Five enterprise verticals that Pokémon Go may impact

The latest sensation in AR gaming could influence how the enterprise perceives IT in diverse sectors like healthcare, automobiles, retail, education and real estate.

So, is the PC making a comeback?

The arrival of the smartphone and the tablet saw the PC getting relegated to the sidelines, with some pundits screaming that the PC is dead. But the doughty fighter found its feet at Computex 2016. But is it back for good?

Can a CIO be more strategic than a CEO?

Thanks to business analytics, it is possible for the CIO of a company to take strategic decisions that may one day impact a company more than a CEO.

Three things CIOs should do before investing in IoT

Who owns the data and the hardware when it comes to IoT? The Revolv issue raises several questions that CIOs should resolve (pun intended) before investing in IoT.

Can CIOs enable interoperability?

The death of Ray Tomlinson, the person who put the @ in e-mail, should make us ponder about how incompatible some systems are today.

Is Tim Cook of Apple right in defying the court?

An open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook on the San Bernardino case and why it is best to comply with the court ruling--or appeal against it.

Five global CXO speakers you must not miss at NASSCOM ILF 2016

So many sessions, so little time. We know you can't catch them all, so we came up with a shortlist of speakers you shouldn't miss at NASSCOM 2016.

Why CSOs Should Report to the Board, not CIOs

The latest flaw in OpenSSL concerning the Diffie-Hellman protocol once again highlights the importance of the separation of powers between CIO and CSO.

Consumer durables industry: Will "Make in India" succeed in 2016?

The consumer durables sector could benefit immensely from make in India because many components are currently imported.