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CIO speaks out, 'It's time to slow down the AI arms race'
The immediate challenge is not killer robots, it’s job replacement. If individuals are automated out of jobs, the future for society is bleak.
FDI over the years: Indian telecom sector’s foreign investment journey

The massive foreign investment for Vodafone India has changed the playing field of the spectrum auctions this year. Let’s take a look at how the FDI in the telecom sector has changed over the last 15 years.

Taru Dahiya: Digital Transformation

At CIO 100 2016, Taru Dahiya of Google spoke about how enterprises and especially CIOs should empower employees with digital tools for their digital journey.

Sukesh Jain: The New Wave Of Connected Devices And The Impact On The Connected Enterprise

Sukesh Jain, Vice President, Enterprise Business at Samsung Electronics highlights the role of enterprise mobility in today’s enterprise at CIO 100 2016.

Stuart Knight: Take Pride and Have Thicker Skin

When things go well, take pride. But what happens when they don't? Stuart Knights encourages our CIOs at CIO100 2016 to be the leaders that they are meant to be by taking both pain and pride in the right spirit.

Jose Varghese: Cyber Activism - Enhance Your Security Operations to Combat Creative, Sophisticated Threats

Jose Varghese, EVP, Paladion Networks explained to our CIOs the need to enhance enterprise security operations to combat creative and sophisticated threats.

Arvind Gupta: Digital Transformation

At the CIO 100 2016 event, BJP’s IT head urged CIOs to look at innovation and become entrepreneurs as well as leaders so that India becomes a digitally transformed economy.

Questioning the legality of bitcoins in India

It has been eight years since the implementation of bitcoins, but the issues of its legality have not yet been resolved. 

GST Bill: What does it mean for the IT industry?

Industry bodies and analysts give their verdict on the passage of the GST bill in the Rajya Sabha and its implications for the Indian IT industry.

5 cases where big data was a big flop

You thought big data is your answer to everything? Think twice. Sometimes your data can’t be trusted. Here are some examples of bad analytics that point to trust issues.