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Media and entertainment: Analytics, digital book front row

There is a lot changing for the media and entertainment sector. An increasing use of analytics is instrumental in expanding opportunities. 

Travel and tourism: Automation will be the industry’s poster boy

Indian hospitality, travel and tourism industry is embracing automation to up scale both employee performance and customer experience.

As real estate deals with newer policies technology is the only savior

Real estate sector was until now driven by the area of the site but technology is an emerging differentiator.

3D printing is all set to go mainstream

3D printing will  find application in various sectors including automotive, healthcare and education in the years to come.

Enterprise mobility poised for big growth in the coming years

In a bid to increase productivity, achieve greater operational efficiencies while reducing hardware costs, enterprises will increasingly embrace mobility in 2017 and the years to come.

Ice cream manufacturer improves stock availability with automation

Here is how icecream manufacturer Devyani Food Industries improved stock availability and optimised production by implementing a sales automation system.


FMCG giant streamlines logistics, cuts cost and carbon footprint

Smooth supply-chain and logistics operations are critical to the success of an FMCG company. Here is how FMCG major RB India, manufacturer of popular brands like Dettol and Lyzol, streamlined its supply chain and logistics operations. 

MEP Infrastructure reduces bottle-neck traffic on Mumbai’s sea link

MEP Infrastructure's toll management and online-payment system has cut down bottle-neck traffic at Mumbai’s sea link.

Moving beyond traditional roles for IT innovation

Every year, IT leaders come together to ideate and understand what leads the path ahead for future IT businesses. The panel discussion brings up the importance of IT growth and innovation and gets a grip on how new roles can shape IT innovation.

Cognitive infrastructure can make data competitive: Siddesh Naik, IBM

Infrastructure in the cognitive era requires to have accelerated speed, and derive insights that are of customer preference, says Siddesh Naik, Leader, IBM.

L&T Heavy Engineering improves logistics with upgraded ERP

Larson and Toubro Heavy Engineering's IT division overhauled its ERP solution to enable faster multi-location transactions and efficient logistics. 

Jyothy Laboratories' cloud infra cuts carbon footprint

Here's how FMCG player Jyothy Laboratories drove down costs and carbon footprint by going in for server consolidation while building a robust cloud infrastructure.