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RunKeeper: Shaping Up with Lean Administration and Superior User Experience
RunKeeper have been offering fitness applications for iOS and Android devices for almost a decade, enabling users to log wellness and performance related to outdoor activities. However, over the years, as RunKeeper continued to grow, they found their existing database was unable to scale up easily and support the company’s expansion. This case study looks at how IBM were able to provide the company with a database-as-a-service solution which could offer fast practically unlimited scalability.
Apollo Hospitals leverages robotics to treat its cancer patients

A pioneer in leveraging robotics in the Indian healthcare industry, Apollo Hospitals is deploying robots for cancer surgeries to reduce surgery and recovery time as well as the costs involved.

Machine analytics fuel Cardinal Health's IT transformation
The global health services provider monitors its sprawling IT operations using analytics software from Splunk to detect hardware and software performance problems.
Virtualization ups NHS Shared Business Services productivity by 35 percent

CIOs need to take risks and do strong project planning before taking the plunge into desktop virtualization—otherwise, the entire project will go for a toss, says Archie Jackson, general manager - IT, NHS Shared Business Services.

KEM Hospitals uses web application to reduce premature birth complications

KEM Hospital has adopted a cloud-based web application to administer nutritional supplements for premature babies with one-hundred percent accuracy and in a fraction of the time required earlier.

How Amrita University advanced neurological disorders' prediction using GPUs

Amrita University’s Computational Neuroscience Lab adopted the accelerated computing platform to design prediction models for neurological disorders and understand neural circuit function. The aim is to help pioneer treatments for brain disorders and dysfunctions and support developments in engineering and robotics.

Artemis Hospital Digitizes Data Storage to Save Costs

Artemis Hospital saved heavily on physical storage cost by deploying a large, cloud-based document management system. 

Biocon Deploys Mobility-based CRM to Increase Customer Satisfaction

How a mobility-based CRM system on the cloud helped Biocon increase productivity and customer satisfaction. 

How Moving to the Cloud Increased Efficiency for Dr Lal PathLabs

By migrating its patient registration process to the cloud, Dr. Lal Pathlabs increased efficiency by 15 percent, and made it possible for patients to be registered in 40 seconds.

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How Brocade Network Helped Omega Healthcare Accelerate Application Performance and Improve Productivity
This case study details how Brocade Network helped Omega Healthcare accelerate application performance and improve productivity. When faced with severe performance issues, Omega selected the Brocade BigIron RX for their network core and the Brigade FastIron switches to extend Power over Ethernet (PoE) at their network edge. This resulted in significantly faster application response times and screen refresh rates on the thousands of networked devices that access Omega’s campus-wide LAN.
How Fortis Healthcare Moved Entirely to a Public Cloud

Only 15 percent of Indian CIOs currently use or plan to use the public cloud. Here’s why Fortis Healthcare’s CIO is one of them.

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India’s Leading Cancer Research Facility Delivers the Most Rapid Patient Treatment
This case study delves into details on how Dell helped the cancer institute keep its patients at the forefront of technology-enabled healthcare, made medical images and records instantly available for all patient visits, met seven years of projected data growth due to high scalability and helped gain the ability to double storage capacity with a compelling price- performance ratio.