Digitization will be at the core of our strategy: Anil Chaudhry, Schneider Electric

Anil Chaudhry, Country President & MD, Schneider Electric India asserts that Schneider Electric, we will continue to support organizations to create futuristic and energy efficient data center infrastructure.

Edited Excerpts:
With the networks becoming borderless with the advent of cloud, mobile and Internet of Things, what will be new trends impacting datacentre infra across Indian enterprises for 2018 and why?
According to a Gartner study, there is huge growth in the Indian data center market and India became the second fastest growing market in APAC last year. The current data center market in India is valued at $2.2 billion, and is expected to touch US$4.5 billion mark by 2018. 
Datacenter remains core to delivering applications and services. However, with internet-connected devices, there is an increase in demand for faster access to information. This has imparted greater significance to micro datacenters. Organisations today are more likely to opt for pre-configured micro datacenter solutions for fast deployment, greater standardization and remote management across distributed IT locations. 

The proliferation of connected devices and automation has increased the threats. Therefore security is one of the key priority areas of data center experts.

Datacenter Infrastructure Management continues to expand its scope in terms of addressing datacenter challenges, such as regulatory compliance, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and managing hybrid environments.

Technology integration has been increasing in the data center space for the last several years as operators seek modular, integrated solutions that can be deployed quickly, scaled easily and operated efficiently. 

Schneider Electric encompasses an innovation portfolio of IoT-enabled, connected products, edge control, apps, analytics and services. What will be the key deliverables to the Indian enterprises engaging with Schneider in 2018?
Intelligence and connectivity is at the heart of every product and solution introduced by Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric’s innovative EcoStruxure, platform brings together advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, and analytics to deliver innovations at three levels-connected products, edge control and analytics. The ability to leverage big data will be especially interesting to the Indian enterprises that are striving for greater operational efficiency and product differentiation.
We are committed towards innovation to ensure effective management of the data centers. To develop solutions in order to enable the Indian enterprises to attain operational efficiency is an important part of the company’s strategy. 

Power Cooling and efficient datacenter is an integral part of the overall enterprise IT infra. How does Schneider build smarter, energy-efficient machines, reduce costs, and get the equipment to market faster? What are big benefits to the customers? 

Power cooling has changed and sophisticated approaches focused on removing heat have taken place of traditional methods. 
With a focus on the transformation of data centers, Schneider Electric has developed smart technologies ensuring optimization of operational costs by reducing the price of data center power and overall infrastructure management, which accounts for bulk of the running costs, is driving the growth of the global data center power market across locations. This along with crucial parameters like energy management, energy efficiency and sustainability, are the key drivers of the domestic datacenter power market.

“Digitization will remain at the core of our strategy. Further, we will continue addressing the energy dilemma through our products and solutions.”


Anil Chaudhary

 Anil Chaudhry, Country President & MD, Schneider Electric India

What is the IoT story of Schneider Electric to benefit its customers on this big trend? How is it different than others?
IoT can help optimising the data center operations. Schneider Electric’s innovative EcoStruxure leverages advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to deliver innovations at three fundamental levels.
•    Connected products: In the case of a data center, EcoStruxure collects data from all sorts of mechanical, power and IT devices, from switchgear and UPSs to PDUs, racks and in-row cooling systems.
•    Edge: Enabling real-time monitoring, incident management, analysis and asset utilization for smaller, distributed data centers that are becoming more and more critical in an IoT world.
•    Analytics: This is where we make sense of all the data coming into the platform, with applications, services – including cloud-based services – and predictive analytics that help you more effectively manage your data centers.

Ecostruxure leverages latest IP technology to streamline communication and connectivity. At Schneider Electric we are committed to ensuring that technology translates into customer benefits.

Schneider has been a pioneer in data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and integrated infrastructure. Do you expect 2018 to be year of DCIM and why? 
At Schneider Electric, our aim to work to create smart data centers transforming the data center management. Keeping in line with this thought, Schneider Electric’s innovation-EcoStruxure IT, a component of Schneider Electric’s broader EcoStruxure IoT-enabled architecture and platform, is a datacenter management-as-a-service (DMaaS) solution that enables monitoring and management of data center physical infrastructure across diverse, distributed, and hybrid environments. It runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and has two modules-IT Expert and IT Advisor.

Yes, the data center infrastructure market will continue to grow in the year 2018. DCIM is continuing to expand its value, both in the issues it can address and its ability to manage the increasingly complex data center ecosystem. Forward-thinking operators are using DCIM to address data center challenges, such as regulatory compliance, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and managing hybrid environments.

Schneider Key Focus Areas 2018

  • Transformation through innovation 
  • Providing a strong and secure framework that is able to grow and adjust to one’s business needs, while staying in budget and optimizing network performance.
  • Leveraging IoT innovation to seize the opportunities from today’s megatrends: urbanization, industrialization, and digitization
  • Connecting best-in-class OT solutions with the latest in IT technology through the Ecostruxure platform that unlocks the trapped value in the operations, and increasing efficiency.

According to study conducted by Gartner, the server revenue is a significant part of the overall Indian IT infrastructure market. There is an increase in big data activities in India and Indian enterprises are increasingly adopting the software-defined networking.
As per the study, storage modernization and consolidation, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery are some of the key drivers to this market, and they are likely to remain relevant drivers over the forecast period through 2019. 

With the expansion of the data center infrastructure market, there is an immense opportunity in the segment. 

Your list of Dos for Indian CIOs in 2018 to have a secured and futuristic datacentre infra. 
As per industry predictions for CIOs for the year 2018, the topmost priority of the CIOs in 2018 should be to proactively reposition themselves as transformational digital leaders. According to Forrester’s prediction for 2018, CIOs will have to orchestrate the underlying technologies and supplier relationships for companies to manage their platform-based business approach. As CIOs realize the potential in 2018, their first step will be to adopt a portfolio management approach to tracking, testing, and implementing new technologies across an array of technologies and use cases. The second step for CIOs will be to leverage innovation ecosystems. Last, CIOs will leverage these technologies to support major shifts in their business models like subscription models, platforms, and prediction. At Schneider Electric, we will continue to support organizations to create futuristic and energy efficient data center infrastructure.

What will Schneider’s channel roadmap in 2018? Do you expect a new community of partners like born in the cloud, MSPs and service providers work more with you besides VARs and Systems Integrators? 

For the year ahead digitization will remain at the core of our strategy and we will continue addressing the energy dilemma of our country through our products and solutions. Our focus will be on innovation at every level to transform the places where we live, work and play riding on the wave of the Internet of Things, making everyone and everything more connected.

We look forward to introduce to roll out effective and innovative solutions for ensuring energy management solutions increasing the energy efficiency of the datacenters. 

We are keen on engaging or partners in an extensive manner. APC by Schneider Electric is a program which allows channels to leverage new opportunities. The company provides educational, collaborative, marketing, and financial benefit to its channel ecosystem. Channels joining APC get multiple certifications and updated training, flexibility to choose from various certifications, profit-making opportunities, access to huge IT and non-IT product portfolio.  
Besides, the company also runs the EcoXpert Partner Program - a worldwide network of Schneider Electric trained and certified partner companies which offer local expertise and support to resolve the challenges of shared customers. 
The Partner Program has proved to be a successful business strategy for the company in reaching out to its customers in the country. Owing to the robustness of the program, that includes year-long learning initiatives and collaboration to stay abreast of the industry trends and technological developments, the partner community witnessed an approximately 30% growth in their revenue in 2016. The success of the program can also be witnessed through Schneider Electric’s 27% y-o-y growth in 2017 (as on July), recorded through channel partners. 

Your top three priorities in 2018 for India market?
Our priorities for the year will be to work towards energy efficiency while honoring each individual’s right to clean, safe and reliable energy. This can be achieved through digitization. Hence, digitization will remain at the core of our strategy.  Further, we will continue addressing the energy dilemma through our products and solutions such as EcoStruxure which ensures innovation at every level to transform the places where we live, work and play riding on the wave of the Internet of Things, making everyone and everything more connected.