Ajay Rambal
CIO Aug 30th 2017 A-A+

Ajay Rambal joined LG Electronics India as an IT Infra manager. His 17-year stint at LG helped him transform from an IT infra leader to an evolved and matured business IT leader with in-depth knowledge on various aspects of business management, leveraging IT both at strategic and tactical levels where he implemented several best-in-class, industry leading solutions such as a global single instance of ERP, LG CSNet, BI and SOMS, WMS, and CIC (Customer Interaction Center). All of these initiatives have been widely appreciated by the industry.

Digital Strategy

LG Electronics India experienced loss of material supply due to manual material management. The manual work of the final assembly line feeder had to be undertaken by a total of 17 people. History management of the material depot stock was a manual process, and so was the input to the final assembly line.

The company experienced supply and production delays due to manual supply process. It also experienced production loss due to separate supply management of in-house parts and sourced items. There was no process in place to put the parts arriving from the supplier into the final assembly line. To overcome the situation, LG Electronics India decided to deploy the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV).

The second challenge faced by the company was to minimize the IT spend for technology deployment to run this system. The solution deployed helped automatically identify the inventory in line and prevented supply chain delays. Additionally, the company observed increased efficiency in line material management, and productivity improved by reducing the number of staff required for a process.

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