Amit Khanna
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Amit Khanna has been with WNS for over 8 years and comes with 24+ years of rich experience in IT Industry. Khanna is a result driven leader who energizes teams and inspires cutting-edge performance with direct impact on revenue. As an experienced technology leader with a strong ITeS and BPM focus, Amit is responsible for WNS's global technology strategy, vision and IT operations.

Digital Strategy:

WNS Global Services was looking to consolidate its asset management systems for both IT and non-IT. The previous solution in place was time-consuming and offered no avenue for verification.

The CIO and CFO designed and conceptualized GAMS (Global Asset Management Suite) – a fully automated system for optimizing the life cycle of fixed assets from requisition to retirement (R2R). GAMS automates several processes of the R2R cycle including tag generation, asset tracking through life cycle, as well as physical reconciliation and its accounting at various stages. Till GAMS was implemented, many phases of the R2R process were done manually and thus consumed a lot of time. This automation enabled the teams (such as, IT and Finance) across the organization to access single source of truth for fixed assets while supporting compliance globally and driving operational excellence.

The benefits derived from this solution were multi-fold. GAMS helped reduce time and effort spent on manual asset tracking, and reconciliation and depreciation from asset management systems across departments (such as, IT, Finance, and Facilities & Administration). On top of that, GAMS helped manage the inventory of IT and non-IT assets by automating the asset tag generation and use of bar code system.

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