Anand Budholia
CIO Aug 30th 2017 A-A+

Anand Budholia is Senior VP & CIO at Reliance Power. As a technology professional, Budholia has over two decades of experience in strategic planning, project management, ERP implementation and support, business intelligence, software development, financial monitoring, and disaster recovery planning.

Digital Strategy

Reliance Power has close to 6000 MW of operational power generation assets under its thermal & renewable portfolio across multiple locations in India. Daily planning, execution and monitoring of approximately 6000 contractual workforce needs to be carried out at the locations. The entire process of work contract management was manual and there were instances of error leading to possibility of certain issues. Hence the process has been automated through a mobile application to save time, bring process transparency, and ensure quality of services.

Under the project, there is real-time registration of defect observed during maintenance activities in SAP. Real-time images of maintenance performed on the equipment are captured, to be reviewed during approval. The application provides alerts and notifications on contractual expiry to concerned department HODs through email/SMS. There is comprehensive MIS to monitor defect maintenance, safety and manpower optimization (planned vs actual). There are role-based dashboards to monitor actual vis-a-vis defined KPIs of Maintenance for effective controls and decision making. The application is a great resource in providing real-time information to senior management for business insights and precise decision making.

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