Anup Purohit
CIO Sep 07th 2016 A-A+

Anup Purohit has been the CIO of Yes Bank since 2015, and has over a 23-year long record of accomplishments in IT management across global and multi-cultural environments. Prior to his current stint, Anup led IT in major financial companies including RBL Bank, Barclays Bank and JP Morgan Chase.


Digital Strategy

At Yes Bank, CAD limit setup was identified to be automated using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Earlier, the manual process required creation of customer limits on the Core Banking Solution (CBS). Considering the complexity involved along with the daily volumes, the manual process was not able to provide required turnaround time and was also prone to manual errors.
The manual process required working with two separate sub-modules within CBS and required integration across 11 limit setup-related screens.

With the automated process, users can now upload the approved Disbursement Notice (DN) which it considers as an input for setting up the limit. RPA will then log into the Core Banking Solution with the pre-configured Bot Ids and complete the necessary processing. RPA also gives the status of the processing displayed on the dashboard made available to the end user for monitoring.

The CAD team is now able to handle large volumes during month-ends and be able to significantly save up on human resource and align existing resources for more competitive activities. Parallel processing using RPA, instead of sequential processing has led to reduction in manual process thereby making human resources available for other initiatives and projects within the Bank. Turnaround time has been reduced for the end customer with the added advantage of mitigating risks that may be caused by manual errors.

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