Anurag Chottani
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Anurag Chottani is chief of information technology at Bajaj Finance managing line of business applications, IT infrastructure, business intelligence and advance analytics at the company. With over sixteen years of senior roles in the industry, he has been with Bajaj Finance for over nine years.
Digital Strategy
Bajaj Finance’s bot-first strategy is to achieve hyper scale at hyper speed with enhanced digital- sales, service, communication, engagement, trainings and employee HR services capabilities through use of chat bots as first or preferred medium. The virtual assistants are available when needed, where needed, through web- or mobile– app, portals, bitly-sms (industry first), email, smart speakers, screens, and open browser etc.

The assistants leverage the centralized content/knowledge base with vast API library, cloud compute and secure encrypted private data lake for chat log storage. Using democratized bot-building (DIY) approach, every vertical participates and contributes in this innovation journey as they create and plug their bots to the architecture serving various use cases. All internal field force/sales trainings and policy / information communication are now done through bots in nine Indian regional languages (for rural markets) delivered via a framework built on employee mobile app, by HR, L&D and product functions.

Awards Won
CIO100 Special Award 2018: AI Wizards
CIO100 Award 2014: The Dynamic 100

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