Arun Rajkumar
CIO Sep 03rd 2018 A-A+

Arun Rajkumar is an astute result-driven engineering principal with 12+ years of global experience in managing technological initiatives across insurance, banking, and retail domains. He is currently leading innovations at Datamatics Digital. Over the years, he has directed the development and implementation of 200+ applications. 

Digital Strategy

Datamatics Digital's innovation learning methodology is designed to tackle the rapid technology changes where continuous learning and skilling is required. Relevant futuristic technologies are identified by innovation team in collaboration with sales and presales. The company deploys its strong capabilities in VR/AR, ML, and Biometrics and is able to predict the future skills and demands to stay ahead.

The company partnered with one of the world's most reputable investment firms for one of their promotional event. The company developed an app to analyze investor’s heartbeat and facial expressions to classify them into high-risk takers to low-risk takers. User’s facial expressions were tracked in real-time using device camera and emotions were mapped into time-series. Bio-metric watches were used to record GSR and other vital medical parameters. Datamatics Digital's initiative helped in solving challenging problems in futuristic technology which also improved application performance, productivity and increased scope of work from the client.

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