Atul Kumar Bansal
CIO Sep 02nd 2018 A-A+

Atul Kumar Bansal is the group head IT at Gateway Rail Freight. He specializes in ERP, CRM implementation, IT infra management, Datacenter, IT security, BCP, DR planning, IT strategies, vendor management, change management and networking solutions. He has total industry experience of more than 17 years. 

Digital Strategy

Gateway Rail Freight specializes in transportation of container using railways. The tyre cost was a big challenge as the company was procuring more than 5000 tyres in a month. This cost of approximately Rs 5 crore per month was affecting the transport business.

When last three years data was analysed, it was observed that Gateway Rail Freight was spending too much amount on tyre procurement and secondly there is no visibility of tyre utilisation. The tyres inventory maintained in excel can be manipulated easily and many drivers were changing used tyres with new ones even after 1 or 2 trips.

To solve this challenge, all the tyres were tagged with RFID Tags. Each RFID Tag had a unique identification number which was mapped with the unique identification of tyre and with trailer master RFID tag, placed on the windshield. On entry and exit points RFID reader were placed that tracked the movement of tyre going out and coming in. The tyre was tracked with time stamp and asset information related to tyre/trailer. Better vehicle performance on road resulted in timely delivery.

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