B K Arora
CIO Sep 05th 2018 A-A+

B K Arora is General Manager –IT at Dainik Bhaskar.  He believes that IT is not limited to Information Technology, rather signifies Innovative Technology, which is the need of the hour for organizational growth. Prior to joining Dainik Bhaskar in 1996, he led technological transformation at five different organizations. His expertise includes implementation of business applications in large enterprises with a focus on low cost and more business benefits. 

Digital Strategy

Media conglomerate Dainik Bhaskar embarked upon a journey to revamp the client experience through the power of digital. Earlier, the organization would receive the release order from advertising agencies in the soft copy form, which would have to be manually recorded by taking printouts for creating sales orders.
The company decided to implement a system which allows a user to view the soft copy and create the sales order simultaneously on the interface. This results in huge time savings and reduction in printing costs. The system dynamically sends push notifications through an app for approvals, basis which the pagination of an advertisement takes place. The system automatically sends the published link to the advertising agency with the page number where the advertisement will appear. Once the advertisement is published in the newspaper, the physical verification, audit and billing process also starts on the same day. 

The entire process is now completely digitized and has made the advertisement booking process truly digital and hassle-free. 

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