Balasubramaniam Vedagiri
CIO Sep 02nd 2018 A-A+

Balasubramaniam Vedagiri is an experienced business technology leader with expertise in creating new digital solutions by collaborating at all enterprise levels. He has worked through IT product and services and delivered large transformation deals. As head of global delivery, he develops and executes a business plan with the objective to exceed agreed goals.

Digital Strategy:

A very large American multinational conglomerate looking at migrating 1000+ servers to Cloud sought Mphasis’ help it design the migration and demonstrate SaaS and PaaS migrations through four sample applications. Mphasis handpicked a vendor who had experience in doing just this kind of work and delivered a Proof of Value program to the customer with immaculate execution. This enabled the company as well as its customer to instill the necessary confidence in the team and establish a direction to perform the work.

Two methods that have helped Mphasis not only accelerate business but establish deep roots in select technology areas include the following:

Incubation Lab: Learning by doing builds confidence in talking about the technology, using the technology and guiding others in adopting the technology. A technology lab called SAGE was conceptualized and setup in one of the large delivery centers in Bangalore. A team of seven people at various levels, from a fresh engineer to a technology leader, was incubated into the lab to specifically focus on disruptive technologies and come out with solutions and offerings that would give its clients a head start in the industry. 

The lab, over the course of 10 months, incubated two solutions in the area of cloud assessment and virtual assistants. When the industry was still trying to grapple with chat and voice bots, the incubation team established a virtual assistant solution that helped the company establish a strong offering in service desk space complemented by bots. 

Another area was farming with the partner ecosystem: There are tons of startups out there who have dug deep into specific areas of technologies and built solutions that can bring immediate value to businesses. Mphasis handpicked select vendors on select technology spaces and had them lead projects to which the former’s team members piggy-backed and got hands-on experience as well as confidence in taking on projects in those technology spaces.

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