Debashis Singh
CIO Aug 30th 2017 A-A+

Debashis Singh has over 20 years of experience in IT/ITeS, and has proved to be a result-driven leader with expertise in envisioning and leading technology-based growth initiatives. His fast-track management career has been marked by the demonstrated ability to build peak-performance teams and achieve cross-functional business objectives. His strengths include team building, a combination of interpersonal and technical skills, and experience in all phases of technology lifecycle management.

Digital Strategy

Mphasis determined that automation is driving the alternate support models that align with the digital age. Mphasis started this initiative by automating all support processes for technology services. This was done to achieve three objectives: provide hyper-personalized service aligned to the customer’s “persona” based on data intelligence using analytics along with AI and ML technology; bringing down the time to resolve and predictability in the process; and automating from request initiation to resolution without manual intervention.

The company uses chat bots to capture requests from employees. The bot integrates with a cloud-based application to open a ticket on the ticketing tool. It also integrates with a license-compliance tool to check license availability. Once the license availability is confirmed on the integration layer, the workflow engine gets the required approval as per the defined process.

A configuration manager action is then initiated to install the required application on the employee’s desktop or laptop. The complete automation process has brought down the lead time from three days to under 30 minutes.

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