Derek Lopez
CIO Sep 02nd 2018 A-A+

Derek Lopez has been a part of the UB group for the last 27 years and worked in multiple companies within the group, including UBICS, McDowell & Co and United Breweries. Currently, he looks after application development and support on SAP and internally developed applications at UBL.

Digital Strategy:

United Breweries has a portfolio of winning brands, with its flagship, Kingfisher, being synonymous with beer in the country. The company operates in a very complex regulatory environment and has a network of 30 breweries across the country to meet the market demand. 

This project involved digitization of the complete packaging hall log records for monitoring machine and line performance. The main objective of the system was to design a web and mobile based system to capture machine performance data on near–real-time basis and generation of reports and dashboards to help the operations team to improve line efficiency. The system facilitates capture of line-wise daily production plan, shift-wise machine performance data and machine-wise downtime data with reasons. 

The system has built-in controls to check status and track compliance. The reports on line performance including downtime is automatically generated from the system without any manual intervention. The application covers performance and downtime data of critical machines in the packaging line— washer, empty bottle inspector, filler, pasteurizer, labeler, and case packer. The operators in the line are provided with tablets to capture the information on near–real-time basis and the system has several reports and dashboards to facilitate detailed analysis and decision making.

Implementation of this system has helped the operations team to define a structured process for capturing critical machine performance and downtime data, ensuring status check and compliance on the shop floor. The line efficiency and other production related reports are generated automatically, leading to better accuracy.

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