Dhananjay Tambe
CIO Sep 02nd 2018 A-A+

Dhananjay Tambe is the DMD and CIO at the State Bank of India. In his present role he is leading the Bank’s IT vertical and chartering the course of the many transformation initiatives for the bank in the space of digital, virtualization, analytics and cloud technology as well as encouraging the technological innovation at the bank. He had led the integrated payment hub project and the Internet Banking initiative for the Bank in the past.

Digital Strategy

State Bank of India undertook a project SIA - Chat Box. SIA is an interactive chat based solution provided for internet banking customers on the pre-login pages of onlinesbi.com. The chat box uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing for responding to the customer queries.

It helps customers with everyday banking just like a bank representative would do. It can handle up to 10,000 queries per second. SIA is deployed on a highly secure and scalable application environment. It is hosted on a geographically distributed cloud to handle disaster recovery. All communications within the systems, widgets and dashboards is completely encrypted.

In phase-2 of the project, SIA will be hosted in a highly secure on-premise environment. Its availability on pre-login page helps the bank acquiring potential customers. The chat box has helped the bank reduce the opex cost to a great extent. It has already answered over 7,80,000 queries and saved more than 1,50,000 hours of the bank staff’s time since its launch.  

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