Dheeshjith V G
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

Infosys wanted to address the rapidly changing business paradigms and in doing so the company wanted features like agile, high performing IT solutions for OLTP, real-time analytics, mobility and social to be incorporated in the project. Thus started the ‘Windmill of Infosys’ IT program by adopting revenue enablement, innovation, and cost optimization as strategies.

Around 30 initiatives were rolled out under the three focus areas—user experience, automation and ahead of the curve. Some of the features that were achieved with the project implementation were: seamless communication and collaboration, training environment set up automation for 10 thousand concurrent users, process status tracking and forecasting for multi-stage transactions, public cloud adoption.

Infosys derived multiple benefits from the implementation. It resulted in cost savings and revenue growth. The implementation also improved the efficiency, reduced cycle time and enabled faster vendor empanelment and invoicing.    

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