Dilip Kukreja
CIO Aug 30th 2017 A-A+

Dilip Kukreja is VP & Chief Innovations Officer- IT at Bennett Coleman & Co. Kukreja has a rich leadership experience of 25 years with focus on emerging technologies, digital transformation and innovations that enable revenue and operational efficiency. Prior to joining his current role, he led IT projects for companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Wipro.

Digital Strategy

TimesSpark by Bennett Coleman & Co. is a scholarship program for awareness, reasoning and knowledge for school children through print-digital-print medium. It aims to get young school children from classes IX to XII to expand their horizons by learning beyond academics. On a daily basis, it provides them interesting & relevant reading material around a multitude of topics ranging from sports to social causes, current affairs to futuristic technologies. Through such reading, it equips them to be more aware, knowledgeable and responsible citizens of the future. Every year, the program provides up to a maximum of 400 scholarships ranging from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh, based on an online test and interview.

The engagement with students was done through their print-digital-print strategy, which essentially entails building a reading habit with students and giving them ease of engaging through digital medium, giving them the opportunity for learning, and rewarding them with scholarships. The 2.0 version is being planned soon for this academic year as well. It was one of the most well received social impact initiatives with over 200+ students directly benefitting with scholarships for their future studies and special programs at Bennett University.

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