Gauri Raizada
CIO Aug 30th 2017 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

The organization had email boxes hosted with a service provider who had an on premise solution. The issues on account of this arrangement included high cost, low/no direct administrative control, troubles in ticket resolution, and poor upgrade of services such as storage, communication and productivity tools. The company wanted to become agile and have the latest capabilities at a low cost. Since this is the aerospace and defence industry, with customers panning across continents, security could not be compromised on. The company decided that migration to cloud was the ideal solution to be implemented for this.

Although the primary objective was financial saving and ease of use on email, there were other benefits which were quite substantial. The power and speed of collaboration increased bringing in tremendous amount of efficiency. Teams were sharing operational updates through real-time, productivity tools. It also enabled economical, multi-locational discussions that increased the pace of operations while reducing the use and costs of traditional conferencing tools. Team sites also helped members work closely and have a common repository of departmental metrics and training material.

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