K V S S Rajeswara Rao
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

In order to create a common user interface platform, VSP’s IT team successfully launched a RINL mobile app which is secure, free and password-based along with a mobile app store. Using secure OTR model, the device needs to be registered only once and QR codes can be used to download apps from the store. The mobile apps offered by RINL are of three types: corporate app (for business users or employees), employee app (for the employees of the organization) and the public app (for public users). Anyone can register as developer and upload apps that are relevant for VSP employees and the apps will be displayed on the store only after the admin’s approval. The apps are developed in-house and can be installed on both Windows and Android. They are user-friendly and can be accessed even from remote locations on site. This solution of creating a common user interface will eliminate the need to install or reinstall mobile apps. All the new apps are pushed to the common mobile application and are transparent to the users. Data in the apps are made available in real time through mobile or tablet devices to improve operational efficiency. This solution enables business partners of RINL to access data relevant to them and also help customers to remotely track their complaint status anytime.

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