Kalpana Maniar
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Edelweiss wanted to understand the whole lifecycle of a stressed borrower. For this, it rolled out project ARMOR, an end-to-end automation for EARC with respect to its business processes. The project is an amalgamation of three systems - the core system, the financial modules and a reporting module. The objective had five different modules to implement, which were document management system (DMS), content management system (CMS), finance and accounting (FA), loan management system (LMS), workflow management system (WMS).

The benefits of the project were efficient master data management, smart insights and analytics into industry’s growth, probability of a borrower becoming bankrupt, and decision making for strategy selection, which help the business to function efficiently. The predictability and growth is done with the help of SAS, which is displayed to the user with an in-house reporting module called ARCOS. The design ensured the operating costs for the system as well as manual intervention is minimal. The project increases the technology quotient of a business, which works as an advantage against peers.

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