Kamal Matta
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

With mobility being one of the drivers of digital transformation, Sonic Biochem set out to develop and implement a new mobile platform for better connect with its customers. The team decided on five areas of focus: sales inquiries, order inquiries and approvals, business intelligence on the go, customer feedbacks and customer complaints. The challenge was to have a complete different approach from the team’s usual desktop applications.

The project was deployed on the existing platform using real time connectivity with an authenticated access system for a seamless and secured experience. With this new app, the company has managed to save a lot of time as each inquiry and request can be now reviewed on the go, without having to approach the desired executive in person. Additionally, the app also provides all critical information, and provides seamless communication among the team. It also enables real-time communication between the team and the customers, and notifies customers about timely payments and purchases.

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