Kiran Belsekar
CIO Sep 02nd 2018 A-A+

Kiran Belsekar is SVP, Head - IT, ENAM AMC. He has global leadership experience across domains like retail, IT services, BFSI and Media. Belsekar has over 16 years of industry experience in IT (technical) and IT management with various industries. He has expertise in IT management, information security and risk management, IT operations, infra, budget management and enterprise mobility solutions.

Digital Strategy

Data is the new oil, especially for capital market player ENAM Asset Management. The company wanted to gain competitive advantage by becoming more agile, and establishing a robust data recovery system.

They implemented a hyperconverged solution for data protection. It replaced the legacy system with hyperconverged nodes in its primary datacenter. And, also deployed cloud infrastructure for disaster recovery. Additionally, the organization deployed enterprise level wireless infrastructure for secure connectivity for employees and guests.

The results have been tremendous – the company now has full data protection and disaster recovery for all applications. It has resulted in increased IT agility, with new workloads being deployed in days, which used to take weeks before. The revamp has also resulted in improved performance for business critical applications.

Virtualization has also resulted in benefits like scalability, automated operations, and greater workload mobility, while creating significant cost savings for the organization.

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