Kiran Komatla
CIO Sep 03rd 2018 A-A+

Kiran Komatla, VP-IT (Head IT), Burger King, is a senior IT Professional with 16+ years of experience in the Retail business, IT and project management, customer experience, eCommerce and vendor management. Komatla has strong functional knowledge of customer experience innovations, retailing solutions, loyalty programs, replenishment tools, delivery management, vendor management, outsourcing and ERP implementation projects.

Digital Strategy:

Seamless customer experience can massively reward businesses. Burger King wasn’t going to miss out on utilizing it to its benefit. They designed a delivery system for customer order flow with a tracking and alert mechanism at every touch point.

The flow would be: Once customer places an order, respective store needs to accept or reject an order within three minutes. Otherwise, it’ll be automatically escalated to area managers.

Once accepted there’s a 15-minute window for food preparation. A food delivery person has to accept the request in 15 minutes, else it will be transferred to another. The GPS-enabled app tracks the delivery status, time taken to deliver, and optimal route to take. A total of three SMSes will be sent to the customer—one each for confirmation of the order, pickup and feedback. All the SLAs and exception reports are generated to the respective teams. Delivery leads, store delivery crew and call center help run the end-to-end operations.

The benefits from the project are multifold. While the implementation has helped streamline supply chain, logistics, and order processing, it has also helped improve customer experience, and to grow profits and topline.

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