M R Patel
CIO Sep 05th 2018 A-A+

M R Patel is Director-IT services at IFFCO and MD of IFFCO E-Bazaar. A seasoned leader, Patel has an experience of over 35 years in the industry. As group CTO of IFFCO group, his leadership has redefined the digital era in the organization through implementation of enterprise-wide business intelligence and analytics. He has been instrumental in revamping of IFFCO Paradeep plant through key strategic initiatives. He has also headed IFFCO Kandla Unit.

Digital Strategy

A mobile-ready team is indispensable for a modern workforce. With this objective in mind, IFFCO created the IFFCOAPP, which enables IFFCO’s more than 5000 workforce across the country to work in a collaborative environment while saving time, efforts and costs. Backed by a strong access control mechanism, the app fosters a sense of connectivity among employees across geographies. 

Employees have been provided with intuitive applications to cater to their self service requirements such as accessing employee directory, a handy information section where employee can view their service rules and different circulars related to change in service rules and procedures, and a workflow section where all the employee lifecycle activities like time-offs, tour approval etc. are provided. 

For a geographically dispersed sales force, the app has a marketing section. Field employees can generate request for material and also release orders to the customers/societies on the go. It has an MIS section where live information about inventory and sales can be viewed with a click of a button. Provision is there to submit feedback and suggestion from the bottom of the pyramid. 

The implementation has enabled timely flow of communication from the top management without any delay and developed a “mobile on the go” culture in the organization. 

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