Mahendra Kumar Chaudhary
CIO Sep 07th 2016 A-A+

Mahendra Kumar Chaudhary is the Executive Director and Chief Information Officer at the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). He has been credited with leading the drive to digitize the company’s corporate governance documents, while ensuring robust security for the same. In addition to this, Chaudhary also ensured that the decision-making process at ONGC is facilitated by electronic access to records and that decisions are made early on, irrespective of location.

Digital Strategy

The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation turned towards a paperless office environment under the Digitization, Integration & Standardization by Harnessing Automation (DISHA) project.
ONGC had adopted ERP through one of Asia's largest implementations of SAP in 2003-04. However, paper-based processes linked to the business had continued to be there as the entire chain of processes used by ONGC was not present in SAP.

To bridge this gap, the company decided to have a holistic solution which would convert its paper-based processes to paperless documents and at the same time interface with other electronic systems to provide an integrated platform.

ONGC is the first public sector company in India to have implemented a ‘paperless office’ at such a massive scale.

The company now maintains an electronic trail of all files and the history is accessible at all times. Adequate security and confidentiality of sensitive files is being maintained through appropriate features of the system. Project DISHA started as a top-down drive, but has been embraced by every employee due to proactive change management.

The location-agnostic file processing has made it possible for the entire organization to become a single, virtual work-zone. It led to faster and informed decision making; maintaining confidentiality on documents; and a drastic reduction in paper usage.

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