Monika Phartyal
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

3M’s project revolves around helping the organization to draw better insights and harness the data for analytics and a holistic understanding of its business.

Among its numerous initiatives, 3M developed and deployed a secured POS system to improve channel sell-out visibility. In addition to this, the deployment provides better ways to manage and engage its channels. This resulted in improved marketing and sales analytics and insights. It also improved demand planning, along with facilitating precise and accurate measurement of data generated by sales professionals.

The deployment enabled 3M to understand distributor system design and customize solutions to fetch data. Among its initiatives for geographic penetration, the solution provided 3M to focus on high potential customers and enabled proactive customer engagement.

The company’s drive towards targeted marketing improved efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns and improved lead conversions. The manufacturing giant was also able to map out current versus potential opportunities through its opportunity management drive.

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