Mukesh Kumar Jain
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

The increased adoption of collaboration platforms by employees for personal and informal corporate communication puts confidentiality of sensitive company data at risk. A common problem is ‘user management in chat groups’ where an employee resigns but continues to be a part of these ‘chat group’ where business information is still shared amongst other employees.

To have a secured collaboration platform for enterprise with corporate oversight, Reliance Capital chose an enterprise collaboration product for closed corporate interactions. Beyond collaboration capabilities, it also acts as an integrated platform for other employee-related activities.

The platform has an active-directory linked user management automating the removal/addition of users automatically once an employee joins/leaves the organisation. It also enables secured corporate communications via closed user group management and end-to-end encryption, and always-on alternative to emails for corporate communication with a capability of management broadcasts through the same medium.

The project also includes extended capabilities of existing applications through capture of structured data by way of forms and surveys integrated within the chat platform, a helpdesk, and consists of employee self-service capabilities like leave applications, leave balance, leave history, pay slip, CTC statement, approvals, reset password and unlock account within chat platform using AI-powered BOTs.

It has successfully empowered the field force to provide better customer service by providing information on the sales progress, application status and team dashboard view along with capability to capture leads.

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