Mukesh Mehta
CIO Sep 05th 2018 A-A+

An industry leader with over 20 years of experience in financial markets (capital market and banking), Mukesh Mehta is chief technology officer at Batlivala & Karani Securities. He has a penchant for innovative IT projects and has led large teams successfully in his senior roles across companies. 

Digital Strategy

For B&K Securities, traditional IT infrastructure had become a significant roadblock on the organizational journey. The company embarked upon the digital transformation journey and pursued an IT revamp by replacing the legacy infra with hyperconverged infrastructure solution. 

Deploying the HCI solution resulted in enhanced operational efficiency as it empowered the organization with a single console to manage all layers, dashboard, VM and storage. The highly scalable feature removed the hassle of handling multiple consoles and management modules, thereby reducing downtime and dependencies. This has also resulted in huge savings in cooling and power costs for the company. 

The HCI implementation automated most of the IT processes at the company. Migration to new infra ensured a substantial improvement in trade execution, especially during peak market hours. The efficient use of resources also led to a revamp of the IT-operations team, which allowed the company to save on further resources as it does not need manual intervention as in the past.

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