Prakash Dharmani
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

Essel Propack, one of world largest tube-packaging company, has 20 units across the globe and receives requests for artwork design through their key account managers. These inputs were being uploaded into the company’s FTP server, based on which artwork reference form (ARF) was generated, and sent to respective units for processing. The complex manual data processing into three different systems—uploading in FTP, ARF creation, and master data creation—resulted in frequent errors.

Essel Propack deployed an integrated graphics systems solution for design work management. The solution comprised of an automated workflow approval process, ensuring that all the requirements of both external customers and internal stakeholders are met on a single platform.

After the deployment of embedded design service solution, the company processed over 3000 designs, all of which were produced error-free. The solution helped the company save millions of rupees in error costs; reduced the average artwork-processing time from five days to two days. Through 3D view of designs online, customers get a feel of the product before it is produced. This online graphic review and approval led to a 60 percent reduction of hardcopy proofing and shipping costs and a 25 percent savings on operator time.

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