Pratap Pat Joshi
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Pratap Pat Joshi is CIO at Mercedes Benz India. A seasoned leader, he has over two decades of experience in global automotive companies, driving strategic growth through attention to detail. Prior to joining Mercedes Benz India in 2013, he also served as the GM and CIO at JCB India for over nine years.

Digital Strategy

Marking its journey towards a paperless environment, Mercedes Benz India revolutionized the shop floor by implementing a smart digital factory, which replaced the shop floor job card activity. Earlier, the shop floor used manual job cards in body shop, paint shop and assembly shop to track the various stages of production for the auto manufacturer.

The smart digital factory was designed to replace the shop floor job card activity completely. This was done by making operator authentication mandatory at each station and integrating it with machines for confirmation to move to the next station. NFC readers were deployed at each production sub line to capture the information. This resulted in a complete paperless factory environment and propelled the company towards the digital factory journey. This has led to efficiency in production at the shop floor, better quality control, reduction in cost of production and increase in production capacity.

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