Raja Ukil
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

While Wipro globally helps its customers to digitally transform through IT services, the company also has an inward focus to incorporate new technologies to increase productivity, enhance employee satisfaction, and reduce cost of operations.

One of the key milestones of Wipro’s transformational journey was to reimagine its helpdesk and ticket management experience. In this project, Wipro concentrated on making that experience seamless, simplified and proactive, but at the same time optimized the cost to maximum level possible. This fast-paced journey with over 23 feeder engines deployed globally in a heterogeneous IT landscape and over six major third party integrations has the ability to churn out real-time analytics.

The unified ticketing platform, with the Wipro-patented Holmes AI engine, was launched across all channels—email, web, chat, and voice. With the integration of the Holmes AI engine, requests can now be automatically channeled to the right functions. The deployment has reduced the time to create tickets from three minutes to 30 seconds. The self-service bot integrates with the platform, captures user queries, categorizes, diagnoses, and recommends potential solutions to the users directly, even before raising tickets.

With continuous analysis of all endpoint activities and network connection, displayed in real-time visualizations, the IT team was able to know what the end-user was experiencing at any given moment and therefore work towards proactive issue resolution.

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