Rajeev Mittal
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Rajeev Mittal is the CIO at Endurance Technologies. With over 25 years of extensive experience, he has managed multiple projects in the manufacturing industry of various verticals by establishing IT/IS to make business IT-enabled.

Digital Strategy: 

IoT/IIoT/Industry 4.0 are the concepts flourishing rapidly with its tremendous advantages in business operations for organisations. Endurance Technologies wanted to leverage latest technologies for enabling smart and connected factories to get benefit by monitoring production lines/machine/business performance in real-time manner. The company decided to start their own journey towards adopting IIOT/Industry 4.0 concept based enablement in plants and gathering data with the help of sensors and PLCs deployed on machines.

Since it was a large scale enablement due to several factories and hundreds of machines across locations, the company decided to go in phases and started implementation from their die-casting manufacturing plants. Accordingly, they evaluated various solutions and after deep study and rounds of discussions they sorted on few combinations and started implementation.

In phase-1, the company went live connecting with around 150 machines by implementing sensors, PLCs on machines to get data by converting signals to workable data using IIOT hardware linking it with centralized database. A presentation layer using this data was setup by implementing monitoring and reporting software (running in browser or mobile devices) to visualize data in real-time manner and with various dashboards and performance reports. Data inflow from all these machines are high and almost every second data coming to central database using entire orchestration layer setup for data collection.

Awards Won

CIO100 Award 2018: The Digital Architects

CIO100 Award 2015: The Versatile 100

CIO100 Special Award 2015: Business Transformer

CIO100 Award 2014: The Dynamic 100

CIO100 Award 2013: The Astute 100

CIO100 Special Award 2013: Efficient Enterprise

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