Raman Srinivasan
CIO Sep 03rd 2018 A-A+

Raman Srinivasan, CIO at Delhi International Airport has 25 years of experience spanning multiple industries and domains like travel and transportation, retail, manufacturing, infrastructure, and consumer electronics. He provides executive leadership for achieving the vision of a ‘smart airport’. He has expertise in IT-enabled business transformation and alignment of IT strategy to business goals. Additionally, he has played key roles in developing multi-year IT and digital blueprints and driving digital transformation initiatives like IoT, smart stores, enabling customer journey automation and seamlessness, and ideation and planning for building a digital business.

Digital Strategy

Delhi International Airport incorporated the Xovis Passenger Tracking System, which is designed to get accurate information about passenger queueing and wait times. The Xovis system works in all key areas of the airport, including pre-boarding security screening and immigration and across the different Terminals of the airport.

The system has operationally proven to deliver accurate wait times for all queues and helps in better operational planning. A real-time dashboard delivers all KPIs, and reports are delivered automatically via email. Through an API, the data can be integrated to other systems as well.

The operations and security team plan their manpower deployment based on the systems, and this helps improve the overall efficiencies. Exceptions are configured, and suitable alerts generated. Accurate queue-length forecasting has also been made possible with the deployment.

The tracking system provides critical data and patterns for strategic decision making and optimization of queues and passenger flows. Additionally, it will also help with the future design of terminals and passenger-flow planning.

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