Ramaswamy P V
CIO Aug 30th 2017 A-A+

Ramaswamy P V is a digital transformation leader with 28 years of experience in the IT domain with large global footprint. He has an all-round experience in business planning, IT strategy formulation and execution, operations, automation, and has aided many business transformations.

Digital Strategy:

HCL's latest project of digital transformation journey was to empower the most treasured persona of an organization—its employee. They were dealing with fundamental issues of accessing multiple disintegrated applications. Thus the enterprise decided to move from the waterfall methodology to an agile approach.

The digital tool was customized for the employee persona—from hire to retire—bringing all transactions like time keeping, leave planning, cab booking, laptop pass, all under one canopy, a mobile device. There has been a continuous enhancement of these digital platforms like including AI-based auto-response engine, conversational bots, machine learning and contextual analysis resolving application queries, coupled with development of self-service dashboards.

50,000 employees have embraced the platform since its inception in November 2017, with 2 million transactions compassed around approvals, travel and claim booking, time keeping, cab booking, help desk ticketing, laptop pass and a plethora of several other service requests.

The benefits are multi-fold with increased employee productivity as the employees now spend more time in project delivery/ development rather than peripheral activities of accessing multiple applications.

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