Richard de Souza
CIO Sep 03rd 2018 A-A+

Richard de Souza has been with the Mahindra Group for the last 30+ years. He’s been a CFO, CIO and in May 2017, he was appointed as the CEO of MIBS, which was initially spurned of as a shared service center, graduated to a BPO and will now deploy platform services. With major achievements under his belt like the first of its kind employee mobile app and SAP projects, Richard has also been part of the co-innovation team working on GST with SAP Labs.

Digital Strategy:

Goods and Services Tax was introduced as the largest tax reform of the nation. Many companies grappled executing it and integrating the system to it. But not Mahindra and Mahindra, thanks to its futuristic vision.

The company was part of the co-innovation team with SAP and worked closely with them for over two years and ensured that the SAP Application Service Provider (ASP) was designed to meet the required compliance and the requirements of the entire businesses of the Mahindra Group covering over 70 legal entities. The ERP system was tweaked to comply with all the GST requirements and to seamlessly align with the SAP ASP. The end result was a seamless switchover. All companies were live and GST-compliant within 8 hours. Also production, dispatch, sales commenced without any glitch.

The earlier supply chain model was designed to take advantage of state-wise tax rates. The team also designed a unique innovative simulation model which enabled the business to simulate and optimize its supply chain based on the new tax reforms.

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