Ritu Madbhavi
CIO Aug 30th 2017 A-A+

Ritu Madbhavi is CIO for FCB Ulka Group. Passionate about Maths since childhood, after topping Delhi University for her graduation in statistics, and then completed her Masters in Applied Mathematics from Canada. She started her career as a software programmer at TCS and transitioned into a CIO role. She had brief stints in NIIT and Datamatics. She has been with FCB Ulka Advertising for 21 years, responsible for aligning business with tech.

Digital Strategy

For the global advertising giant FCB ULKA, the volume of creative work generated is humongous, which needs to be shared with its clients and their ecosystems on an on-demand basis. The company felt the need for an advanced repository which offered fast, economical and secure storage and allows tagging by client, brand, campaigns and dates.

They implemented a cloud based innovative tool, which allows advertisements created over decades to be accessed on various criteria by the agency’s ecosystem. Implementing this solution has allowed its users to have access to all its creative work on a single portal, with a state-of-the-art search facility.

The benefits of the project includes a savings of around 2000-man hours every year. The solution eliminated the hassle of repeatedly sharing the same creative with the client executives. The company also integrated a robust approval workflow into the system which does not allow any unauthorized creative to pass through. The agency now is able to access the data anytime without any IT intervention.

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