S Ramakrishnan
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Digital Innovation Strategy

The project was built around the concept of digitization of the complete sensory evaluation process and records of beer manufacturing. The sensory evaluation system is a structured process defined for tasting of beer samples before the product is released in the market. This process involves three stages: organizing the tasting sessions, tasting the samples and recording the results. Each session has an organizer who oversees the entire process from the selection to the collection of the results. Through this project, the company successfully digitized this process and now, it is the app that notifies the chosen panelists, allows the panelists to use its interface to record their scores against each sample, and also analyzes the data and provides detailed spider graphs with standard and actual values. This system has enabled the company to make this tasting sessions completely paperless and supports instant decision making. The results of the tasting sessions are consolidated automatically and updated in the system. Similarly, different types of tasting sessions are organized namely the regional tasting session, inter-brewery tasting session, central technical cell tasting session and head office tasting session. This initiative helped the company to save 2.5 million paper records per year and grants instant access to accurate sensory information.