Santosh Singh
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Santosh Singh, VP-IT, spearheads IT at Dharampal Satyapal Group. He is passionate about business growth through strategic initiatives and remains committed to improving customer experience and organizations processes through cutting-edge technology.   

Digital Strategy

For manufacturing giant Dharampal Satyapal Group, complete visibility of sales and stock was essential. The organization implemented a solution that revolutionized this process, leveraging the power of business intelligence, analytics, mobility, and databases.

It allowed the company to track secondary and tertiary sales, and get real-time updates related to town-wise sales performance. It took around six months to fully integrate super stockist with the company’s system without disturbing the billing process.

This resulted in a tremendous advantage to the sales and marketing teams as it empowered them to take decisions on a real-time basis. This impacted the top line by 10 percent in most of the variants, and has been very crucial for the business in terms of growth and planning.

Awards Won

CIO100 Award 2018: The Digital Architects

CIO100 Award 2015: The Versatile 100

CIO100 Special Award 2014: Business Assurance Champion 

CIO100 Award 2013: The Astute 100

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