Sarbani Bhatia
CIO Aug 30th 2017 A-A+
Digital Innovation Strategy
The Jagran group successfully created and implemented its own enterprise portal – the JConnect 360 to provide a dynamic, secure and intuitive self-service enterprise interface. This was done to optimize connections between people, processes, and systems. The initiative led to a context-rich and responsive platform with strong collaboration features where employees all across the group and its many verticals could manage and handle information without IT assistance.
It served as a great HR initiative as messages from top leaders, announcements and circulars, people movement, and policy documents could be uploaded and shared. For greater business agility, all workflows were made accessible to the workforce on the move, be it on laptops, tablets, or smart phones. Also, a project management software was designed to monitor, track and manage effectively the various ongoing projects of the organization. 
In addition to this, business analytics dashboards and queries were designed and deployed to facilitate monitoring and quick decision-making by the senior management. The media major also incorporated a secured SSO interface which serves as a single gateway for all enterprise applications, such as ERP, document management, hierarchical workflows, and analytics.
Reusable components of the web center portal made it very easy, agile and economical to develop rich content through spaces and sub-spaces for various verticals and branches of the organization, which would otherwise be very time-consuming and expensive.

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