Srikanth J S
CIO Sep 03rd 2018 A-A+

Srikanth J S started his IT leadership career as an IT manager at CRI Pumps. At the time of his exit, Srikanth was DGM-IT. He joined Syngene International in 2016 as the IT infrastructure lead. In addition to the IT infra, he also heads information security at Syngene.

Digital Strategy

Syngene adopted a next-gen composable hyperconverged infrastructure forsaking traditional blade technology, which limited scale-out capabilities and flexibility. The technology helped Syngene in gaining efficiency and control in deploying IT resources quickly for any workload through a single interface.

This hyperconverged infrastructure provided the flexibility to scale-out compute and storage independently as need by workload demands. Syngene implemented the synergy composable hyperconverged infrastructure, which has three main capabilities – software-defined intelligence, a fluid pool of resources, and a unified application programming interface.

Fluid resource pools enabled Syngene to meet each application’s changing needs effortlessly by allowing composition and re-composition of single blocks of disaggregated compute, storage and fabric infrastructure. The software-defined intelligence helped the company to simplify operational activities for IT admins by allowing for more automation and template-driven workloads. 

The unified application programming interface feature of composable hyperconverged infrastructure provided Syngene a single management interface to integrate operational silos and eliminate complexity. This infrastructure also facilitated the move to a continuous service and application delivery model for Syngene and enabled applications to be updated as and when needed.

Lastly, composable infrastructure in a hybrid environment empowered Syngene’s IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously, accelerating both digital and business transformation.

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