Srinadh Prasad Kantamneni
CIO Sep 03rd 2018 A-A+

Srinadh Prasad Kantamneni joined the Hyderabad Airport Greenfield Project in 2007 and was entrusted with delivering airport core applications and master systems integration – a success story which has set a high benchmark for Indian airports to follow.

He has strong understanding of aviation technologies and driving strategic initiatives in sourcing measures. Hyderabad Airport’s IT team has evolved as a center of excellence in airport technologies, incorporating effective business intelligence and process automation.

Digital Strategy

The aviation industry has no off-the-shelf solution to meet end-to-end e-boarding requirements. The Hyderabad International Airport had taken this as a challenge and came out with a solution to enable e-boarding from the main gate to aircraft door. The IT team at Hyderabad International Airport developed its own solution, and in the process deployed e-gates and scanners at every touch point.

In addition to this, the airport integrated every airline back office to accrue passenger data. The solution developed by its IT team has been certified by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Services (BCAS) on security compliance. Furthermore, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has recognized the same and is in the process of mandating the same for other airports in the country through Project DigiYatra.

As a result of its digital initiatives, the Hyderabad International Airport enabled stamp-less and paperless boarding from the airport entry to the aircraft door. Additionally, it ensured enhanced security through e-gates, system checks, and verification of live data with the airline back office. 

The airport was able to reduce the waiting time at security from 12-13 minutes to 6-7 minutes. Single-lane manual scan mode was changed to dual-lane e-gates, which increased the efficiency by more than 100 percent.

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