Subhash Shelke
CIO Sep 07th 2016 A-A+

Subhash Shelke, VP-IT at Essar Steel, has over 30 years of total experience including the last 18 years in the areas of SAP technology architecture and design, enterprise application installation and integration, testing and implementation. He is proficient in managing the full life cycle implementation of SAP products involving requirement analysis, configuration, system architect design, application development and testing, post implementation support and managing end user needs.

Digital Strategy:

Essar wanted to develop a user-friendly solution that would ease transactions at coal mines, where network issues persist. Thus evolved Coal Off-line app. The solution which is the first of many such applications cater to specific business needs at the coal mines. The Coal site situated in deep forest area of Madhya Pradesh, has had a history of persistent problem in regards to a secure and reliable network connectivity for online transactions.

This app replaced the existing system which had data accuracy issues owing to network problems. The new solution enables securely storing data on the device, which would then be periodically sync whenever the network access is available. To overcome the online connectivity issue, the app has been designed to read the physical receipts carrying QR code which carries information pertaining to the material and the truck carrying it. This is scanned upon arrival of the corresponding truck and the data stored in the device till it gets synced to the main server.

The solution has been implemented on Android mobile devices and has been deployed on user’s mobile devices at mines in Madhya Pradesh.

As this is a completely home-grown application, it does not incur any additional cost of development and maintenance. With a user-friendly GUI’s, the software is light weight and handy, which makes it conducive to be used at mines without developing / deploying any additional infrastructure. It is also compatible with the SCM solutions developed and running at Essar.

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