Manikkam Subramaniam
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Manikkam Subramaniam is Senior Vice President at Heritage Group. A seasoned leader, he has led several projects and nurtured organizational growth through efficient planning and key strategic initiatives.
Prior to becoming SVP at Heritage Group, he served as the Vice President for over five years. He has been associated with the organization for over 18 years.

Digital Strategy

For the building, civil engineering and infrastructure development consortium Heritage Group, establishing a dynamic connect with its audience is a top priority. Earlier, the organization was using traditional marketing methods, (newspaper and print advertising) to reach its audience. But the company decided to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon to increase its customer reach. This was done by implementing technologies like analytics, ERP, business intelligence, content management and social media tools.

The results have led to higher conversion rates for the company that in turn added higher ROI to the business. The organization is now able to target a larger global audience, with additional tools like social media interactions. The company is observing benefits like increased revenue, as well as better transparency and accountability in critical operations like finance and procurement.

Awards Won

CIO100 Award 2018: The Digital Architects

CIO100 Award 2007: The Innovative 100

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