Subrata Banerjee
CIO Sep 03rd 2018 A-A+

Subrata Banerjee VP-IT at Vedanta -Aluminium and Power Business has handled IT organizations for multiple companies, defined IT vision, enterprise architecture, application architecture, IT strategy and business plans for green field, brown field and public sector companies after privatization.

Digital Strategy:

Vedanta -Aluminium and Power was a step ahead of its counterparts and launched the Smart Manufacturing System which integrated field devices, SCADA, PLC, DCS, PCS and smart sensors. True to its name it provided exception reports, maintenance and operational dashboards from OEE to shop floor visibility, deviation report and probable solution, and intelligent e-log book to capture tasks. It also provides dynamic scheduling of tasks to be performed by reported manpower, alerts, digital display boards and signage across SBUs. 

It also has a furnace plan that provides automated tapping plan based on purity and furnace availability to the tapper and provide furnace detail to LTV drivers. The furnace operator also gets proactive message about in-transit LTVs and weighted average of the furnace blend with on-line prediction of alloy to be mixed at cast house furnace operator on TAB. Accordingly, he can ready the furnace in advance. The weigh bridges are also automated. 

To ensure the quality of the metal, Furnace Operation Management System (FOMS) is implemented. This system is also tightly integrated with the Furnace Plan. To fulfil customer order, smelter planning system tightly integrated with LIMS provides complete visibility across production line to optimize and maximize production as per specification.

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