Sudesh Agarwal
CIO Sep 14th 2015 A-A+

Sudesh Agarwal is CIO at Sterling Holiday Resorts. He has over 20 years of experience in leadership positions across manufacturing, trading, refinery, port operations, petrochemicals, retail, hospitality and entertainment. He is passionate about driving change through digital transformation technologies such as mobility, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), process automation, virtual reality (VR) and social. Prior to joining Sterling Holiday Resorts in 2014, he was the CIO at Landmark Group for over six years.

Digital Strategy

An experiential holiday company Sterling Holiday Resorts realizes the importance of building strong and long-term relationships with its customers through its 29 resorts across India. To enhance the overall customer service, and provide a strong community for future success, the organization implemented a customer feedback management system.

The new portal seamlessly integrates with the active directory to ensure secure access, allows real-time data updating, MIS generation and exception reporting at the local and corporate level. The result has resulted in constant touch with the customers, which allows the company to stay ahead of its competition. The implementation has enabled the company to reach out to users online, collect and analyze feedback, and take necessary steps to improve the experience.

The organization plans to take the customer feedback management system to the next level by enabling it on the mobiles for an enhanced future connect with its customers. The mantra is to establish a strong relationship with customers, as happy customers are also likely to stay loyal.


Awards Won

CIO100 Award 2018: The Digital Architects

CIO100 Award 2015: The Versatile 100

CIO100 Award 2013: The Astute 100

CIO100 Award 2009: The Ingenious 100

CIO100 Award 2008: The Bold 100


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